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VOLT EMG - Visual Muscle Output Training Certification

Energize Sports Testing located inside the Olympic Training Center at The Spire Institute has begun offering (EMG) Electromyography certification training to help strength trainers create the most efficient workout, lifting and injury rehabilitation training regiments for their athletes by using visual muscle output technology. EMG for years has been complicated to use and expensive to implement, which has put it out of reach for most trainers. Energize Sports Performance Testing has vowed to make EMG a mainstream method for training elite athletes by offering a accurate low cost $250 muscle sensor with a low cost training certification, and No software license fees.

Strength trainers have been trying to explain the mind/muscle connection to athletes for ages, and now using the Energize Visual Muscle Output system they will be able to show in real-time the 30% increase in muscle efficiency when the mind/muscle connection is made when they lift. By showing athletes in real-time the difference in results of lifting with headphones while they watch ESPN versus concentrating on the muscle they are trying to isolate while they lift, they will never doubt you again.

EMG Visual Muscle Output technology can also instantly show in real-time the differences between a standing dumbbell curl vs. a sitting concentration curl and allow strength trainers to tailor a specific lifting regiment that engages the most amount of muscle fiber before muscle fatigue starts. By testing an athlete through their entire workout you will be able to show the exact time that the overworked muscle fatigued and began to shift the workloads to other muscles, rendering their 2 hour work long, but not efficient.

Even more importantly, EMG Visual Muscle Output technology will in less that 2 minutes visually show how important proper form is while lifting by instantly demonstrating how much muscle efficiency is lost as their form deteriorates. This may finally get them to grab the dumbbell 10lbs less and see that they still are engaging the same amount of muscle fiber with less weight when they have proper form.

And finally the most important use of EMG Visual Muscle Output technology, injury rehabilitation. After an injury, muscle re-education is critical and having the ability to visually see which lifting routines target the injured muscles best will enable you to tailor training programs that activate those specific muscles most efficiently. This should lead to faster recovery times and less reoccurring injuries.

The Energize sports testing facility has over 75 sports testing devices that are capable of measuring over 500+ athletic metrics and is currently working with several prominent universities research departments exploring and discovering the new frontier of sports science.

If you are interested in discussing EMG certification or would like to schedule a demonstration, we welcome your call.

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