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SPIRE Institute




Energize Sports Performance Testing is a sports performance human analysis testing facility with over 75 unique testing devices that are able to accurately measure over 500+ specific measurement metrics within an athletes body. 

It is the mission at Energize to help athletes jump higher, run faster and perform better by using all of the best science backed technology proven to help performance. 

Each Energize Athlete's body is tracked 24/7 using the latest in biometric tracking hardware to help both us and our athletes track their bodies performance.  From sleep tracking thru recovery we are able to track each athletes specific biometrics.  Then, by identifying how much sleep a specific athlete needs to perform at their best during competition we are able to help them achieve the sweat spots for their own individual bodies performance.


The business of sports science is as complicated as the systems within the human body.  Knowing that your legs are fatigued may be obvious to you, but understanding why they are is where sports science begins to takes over.   Training too much may cause fatigue, but training to little can have the same effect, leaving the athlete guessing.   There are over 47 miles of neurological pathways in the human body controlling each muscle and over 100,000 miles of arteries, capillaries, veins and blood vessels transporting blood to every muscle.  This is not an accident, rather it was the result of thousands of years of evolution of human body.

To understand why your legs fatigue quickly you must understand all of the bodies systems required to run for long periods of time.  Muscle mass, muscle density and muscle health are important and among the first things you may need to explore.  But, equally as important to those measurements is how much muscle is actively participating or neurologically connected to your brain,  along with does your body transport oxygen in the red blood cells efficiently, does your body have adequate blood flow or circulation and finally what are your muscles glycogen storage levels and how are the respiratory muscles responding.   All of these measurements are contributing factors to why your legs are fatigued.

Nearly all of the bodies systems are connected to each other throughout the human body.  Systems are designed to support each other, but a breakdown in one can lead to others being over worked. 

The simple answer to why your legs fatigue quickly may be over training or it may be a far more complex reason that will constantly hold back your improvements in sports performance until you find out why.


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