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Energize Sports Testing is Open to University Research Grant Projects

Recently Energize has been contacted by several universities to inquire about access to our sports performance testing lab for research grant projects, exercise science class projects and doctoral / thesis projects for graduate students that attend their university. Although this may not have been in our original business or marketing plan, it sounded very exciting and something that we do absolutely offer.

We would like to extend an invitation for your faculty members to schedule a personal visit to The Spire Institute and discuss how Energize and your university can work together to advance sports science.

The question is always asked by athletes or the parents of athletes “why did their ACL tear?” after an injury has occurred. But we believe that without baseline testing values before the injury, science has been working with only part of the equation which makes answers harder to find. We believe that now it’s possible to more accurately predict injuries before they occur using sports science testing. Energize hopes by bringing the athletes, medical doctors, scholars and sports testing equipment all together in the same place that we may be able to find possible answers that have evaded us.

Energize Sports Testing is a human analysis lab located inside the Olympic Training Facility at the Spire Institute in Geneva, OH. Energize is a sports performance human analysis testing facility with over 75 unique testing devices that are able to accurately measure over 500+ specific measurement metrics and movements within an athletes body. Energize Sports Testing was developed for athletes to identify sports performance issues using scientific performance testing as it relates to the biomechanical & bioscience physical limitations of the human body. The original goal of Energize was to make athletes and coaches better using scientific testing that would identify weaknesses in their playing and coaching performances.

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