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sports performance testing & research Institute



START YOUR OWN energize testing & Research institute

Energize Sports Performance Testing & Research Lab is a sports performance testing & research facility with over 75 unique testing devices that are able to accurately measure over 500+ specific measurement metrics within an athlete's body.  If you are interested in opening your own Energize Sports Performance Testing & Research Lab, please complete the form below and a representative from the Energize team will be in touch with you within 48 hours.


Energize Sports Testing & Research Lab is not a franchise, with franchise fees and royalties.  Instead, we help consult, train and implement the installation of Energize Sports Performance Testing & Research Lab at training centers, private high schools, universities & gyms all over the world. Whether your facility wants to start small and just offer muscle biofeedback analysis for your existing athletes or you want to open a full scale, comprehensive Energize sports performance testing & research lab, Energize is your place for answers.


Below is a short summary answer of the frequently asked questions we receive from prospective owners.



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Is energize sports testing a Franchise?

No, Energize Sports Testing & Research is not a franchise, we work together with training facilities, private high schools, universities & gyms to develop a custom sports performance testing & research center that will make your training facility, private high school, university or gym stand out from any of your competition to help increase enrollment and further sports science research.  The rules of whom can access your testing facility or how much you charge for testing are 100% your decision.  If you elect to make your sports performance testing & research open to the public, Energize will help you promote it with our corporate marketing package and perform university outreach.

how much is the initial investment?

The initial investments depend solely on how big of a Energize Sports Performance Testing & Research Lab footprint you want to implement.  The typical cost of test equipment ranges from $50k - $250k based solely on how large of a facility you wish to deploy.  Energize consults with each client individually to develop a custom tailored Energize Testing & Research Lab specifically for each client and the athletes they work with.  


is there a monthly payment?

We offer several different financial approaches depending on your specific needs.  Our first option for customers is to outright purchase the custom sports testing lab equipment. The second option is for Energize to design and develop a custom sports performance testing lab and then refer you to our third-party lender for financing, in which case there would be a monthly lease payment which should easily be covered by those facilities that charge for testing.  


Yes, Energize Sports Testing & Research can assist owners with establishing partnerships with university research teams to foster university research projects.  Universities are very excited to have access to the Energize Sports Performance Testing equipment for their research grant projects and are very receptive to a partnership prospect.


5-years of training is always included as part of your agreement for free for the life of your agreement.  Energize Sports Testing will offer unlimited free training at our Spire Institute location to any Energize partners and virtual training by appointment.  The Energize sports test training and education program is one of the keys to our success and why we have become so popular in such a short time.   It may be impressive that our locations have such a wide array of testing equipment but knowing how they work and how to interpret the results is what our clients are most impressed with when they work with us.

Will we help location Layout and planning?

Yes, Energize sports testing can assist owners with layouts and foot traffic flow patterns.  Regardless if your adding Energize to your existing business or starting from scratch our team can help with layout and planning.

does ENERGIZE include booking & scheduling?

Energize Sports Testing facilities are sold as a turn-key basis, which means you will receive a website exactly like ours that can accept payments and handle all of your booking and scheduling requirements.  Our system also collects all of the customer payments each day, which gives you a complete customer test history along with your payment each month to simplify the management process of a Energize Sports Testing studio.

CAN customers that don't train at my facility access it?

Energize Sports Testing does not place restrictions on customers that can access your studio as long as they sign the waivers and pay for testing.  You are permitted to set separate pricing for non-member customers with alternative booking & scheduling rules.



If you would to schedule a consultation or would like to get the process started please complete the form below and a representative will be in contact shortly.



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