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get energized !

Become An energize athlete?

Becoming an Energize Athlete requires a specific athletic mindset with a lot of discipline and although Energize is available to all athletes, it may not be right for every athlete.  To become Energized, athletes will need to be very vigilant.  Energize athletes are required to train vigorously while they, improve their nutrition, improve their sleep skills, improve their recovery skills after practice just for starters.  They also have to be willing to make changes to their training or lifting routine once a weakness in their performance is identified. 

what is energize athlete?

The goal of Energize is to help those athletes that want to get better find the answers to what is holding them back using sports testing and biometric data.   We are looking for any answer to why they are not getting faster, stronger or better and we have all of the scientific tools to find those answers.  Once we find the answers we have been looking for, its up to the Energize athlete to make the necessary changes to his training, lifting or sleep schedule to improve those results.

the first step?

Every Energize athlete will be monitored 24/7 using a medical grade biometrics device, so we can identify exactly how much sleep they are getting and the quality of that sleep each night. Its important for athletes to get enough deep sleep and REM sleep for their bodies to repair themselves.  We also monitor HRV heart rate variability to identify and track stress levels throughout the day to help athletes conserve resources they need to train. Using biometrics we gain a mountain of useful information to help inform us about whats going on inside the athletes body.  By tracking oxygen saturation levels and skin temperature we may be able to identify if their immune systems are under attack and advise them to not go all out at practice until their level return to normal.

testing an athlete?

Energize athletes are tested monthly using between 5-10 specialized tests, but are constantly in contact with the Energize team providing us feedback about how their bodies are performing, their fatigue levels and their mental focus during competition.  Each testing discipline is geared towards one specific focus of sports performance.  Five tests are automatically included each month, but if the Energize team is not finding the answers with those tests, other tests may be performed at no additional cost until we find the answers. 

All of this information can be shared with parents, coaches, trainers and specialists with their permission.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Energize athlete, please complete the form below and an Energize team member will reach out in 24-48 hours.

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