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reflex response


Reflexion is a game-changing cognitive sports testing & training service designed to improve performance in competition. Using a state-of-the-art touchscreen lightboard powered by cloud-based technology and data analytics, Reflexion accelerates and strengthens cognitive processes and skills such as peripheral vision, decision making, reaction time and hand-eye coordination.


Why would you do this test?  The cognitive reflex response test is designed to measure the tendency to override a prepotent response alternative that is incorrect and to engage in further reflection that leads to the correct response.  Testing an athletes reflexes is only the first phase of reflex response testing.  The test also is designed to test an athletes ability to not respond. 



Who is this test recommended for?  Cognitive reflex response testing is recommended for all athletes regardless of their age or the sport they play.


How often should you repeat this test?  Cognitive reflex response testing is recommended every 1-2 months and training is recommended every week.



Which body parts are or can be tested?  Cognitive reflex testing is designed to test the connection between the brain and the hands.



What are the results of this test?  Reflexion is the world's first portable neuro training service that helps you win more, recover faster, and achieve remarkable athletic milestones. Getting your head in the game has never been more effective.



 What does this help to improve?  Athletes must have excellent visual skills in order to triumph in their sports. Everyday expressions such as “the eyes lead the body,” “keep your eyes on the ball” and “you can’t hit what you can’t see” highlight the prevalence of this notion across athletics (Applebaum 2016). In fact, it is widely accepted across research domains that the most elite athletes exhibit significantly higher levels of visual and cognitive skills than those less skilled in their sports.



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