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MUSCLE activation


Muscle activation or muscle re-education is the process of re-establishing dormant neurological pathway connections to existing muscle fiber.  Using electrical muscle stimulation we are able connect more active muscle fiber efficiently to the brain.   By activating muscle fibers while under electrical muscle stimulation we are able to establish more connections and recruit more muscle fiber to actively participate in training and competition.


Why would you do this test?  Muscle activation or muscle re-education is the process of using electrical muscle stimulation to reconnect neurological pathways to engage more muscle fiber.  This usually occurs naturally at a much slower process, but may be dramatically speed up using muscle activation.



Who is this test recommended for?  Muscle activation is recommended for older more experienced athletes in pursuit of more muscle fiber and get stronger, faster or more endurance.


How often should you repeat this test?  Muscle activation should be repeated every other week per muscle group until the desired results are achieved.



Which body parts are or can be tested?  Muscle activation can be utilized on every muscle in the body.



What are the results of this test?   Muscle activation can help activate or recruit more muscle fiber anywhere on the body.  More importantly muscle activation can target specific muscle fibers to create more slow twitch fiber for better endurance or more fast twitch to gain strength and speed.



 What does this help to improve?  Muscle activation has been around for a long time with a great deal supporting the claims of muscle fiber recruitment.  Being able to activate more muscle fiber is every athletes dream, but specifically being able to recruit the muscle fiber type you need to increase athletes performance is gold.



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