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hamstring testing


The NordBord hamstring test is a fast, easy, accurate and reliable system for monitoring hamstring strength and imbalance.   Combining advanced sensors, real-time data visualization and cloud analytics, the NordBord is a comprehensive system for accurately quantifying and monitoring an athlete’s hamstring strength and imbalance.  The NordBord can be used to quickly measure hamstring strength and imbalance in a range of positions and exercises.


Why would you do this test?  Runners need strong hamstrings for two reasons: to avoid injury and to become healthier stronger, and maybe faster athletes. To avoid injury. Like most muscles in the running stride, the hamstrings work both as they stretch and as they contract.  By testing relative hamstring strength athletes have quantifiable data to help improve training techniques.



Who is this test recommended for?  Hamstring testing is recommended for every type of athlete regardless of age and the sport in which the compete.


How often should you repeat this test?  Hamstring testing should be tested every 6-12 months.  Testing should be more frequent when recovering from a hamstring injury.



Which body parts are or can be tested?  The hamstring muscles



What are the results of this test?  The athletes who scored a total of 14 points or fewer are considered to be within the 'at risk' group, while those, who scored 15 or above are considered 'normal'.



 What does this help to improve? Hamstring testing helps in two aspects.  First is to determine relative hamstring strength to help identify if an athletes is at risk of injury.  Second is to test after an injury to evaluate if the athletes strength has returned to normal strength levels.  



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