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Active metabolism testing


Live tracking of key performance bio-metrics including your respiratory exchange ratio (RER), VO2, VCO2, respiratory rate, breath volume, breath count and more.  Each athlete has a unique and dynamic metabolism that changes day to day and over time as we track. Tracking your metabolic patterns provides insight into how your diet and daily habits affect how you feel and perform.



Why would you test your active metabolic rate?  Understanding how your body burns and uses energy is absolutely critical to an athletes performance.  Consuming to many calories before training can make you slow and sluggish, while consuming to few calories may result in your body running out of energy before the session is complete.



Who is active metabolic rate testing recommended for?  Active metabolic rate testing is recommended for all athletes regardless of their sport or competitive level.


How often should you repeat active metabolic rate tests?  Active metabolic tests should be completed every 1-2 months to track changes.



Which body parts are or can be tested?  Active metabolic test tracks how your entire body uses energy during practice or training.



What are the results of an active metabolic test?  During the test we will transition your body through different levels of exercise while we measure how much energy your body requires to perform each of them.  This test can more precisely determine your bodies energy demands during a training or practice session.



 What does this help to improve?  Active metabolic testing can help an athlete determine how much energy their body will require for training or practice and which foods they should consume to provide their bodies with the most responsive energy production.



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