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Speed performance


Athletes who can move faster and are more agile than their opponents have an advantage. For example, a faster athlete may be able to get to a ball more quickly than a competitor or may even outrun a pursuer. For this reason, athletes in most sports value speed highly.  Now we can test and track speed and agility performance improvements on demand without the need for setup times.


Why would you do this test?  Speed performance testing is an important metrics in an athletes performance.  Understanding an athletes 40 time gives coaches and scouts a baseline number to quantify their athletic ability.  Many things contribute to that time and breaking down that information and analyzing the components is how we help an athlete improve that number. 



Who is this test recommended for?  Speed performance testing is recommended for every athlete regardless of their age or the sport they play.


How often should you repeat this test?   Speed performance testing is recommended every 3-6 months to ensure training regiments are improving these numbers.



Which body parts are or can be tested?  The purpose of the speed performance test is breakdown and analyze the components involved with speed.



What are the results of this test?  The times posted for each of the speed tests are recorded and analyzed including other vitals before testing to determine any contributing factors.



 What does this help to improve?  To improve an athletes speed has no simple answer and plenty of expert opinions of how its done.  We use them all with the science of the human body to help isolate the factors impairing the athlete from a faster top rate speed.



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