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ENERGIZE CAN HELP Reduce Knee, Ankle & HAMSTRING Injuries


Every year approximately 7 million high school & college student athletes take to the court or to the field to compete and nearly half of them will experience some type of sports related injury throughout the season.  Many of these injuries could have been avoided if adequate sports performance testing was done early in the season.  Although, it’s impossible to avoid all injuries in sports, recent advances in technology has made it possible to more accurately determine those athletes that maintain a higher risk of injury or re-injury.


Energize Sports Testing has created the most advanced sports performance & human analysis testing facility in the country with over 500 unique testing metrics.  By testing each athlete using the most advanced bio-mechanics testing equipment, Energize is able to help determine which athletes are more likely to sustain an injury throughout any given sports season.  By combining an athletes previous history of injury with the data from Energizes hamstring or knee & ankle strength, stability and imbalance testing, we are able to accurately determine and place an injury rating on each athlete from not likely to extremely likely.


Over 3.5 million student athletes will receive medical treatments for a sports injury this year and over 90 percent of student athletes will report some sort of sports-related injury to their coaches. In addition over 50 percent of student athletes will continue to play through their injury based on the most recent statistics.


If you would like to discuss our services in more detail, please send us a quick email with information of who Energize should contact, or you can contact us directly.


To learn more about Energize please visit our website:

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