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Active Body Composition testing


Measuring your bodies static body composition provides you with some very good insight into how your body has responded to a new training or lifting schedule.  Re-testing your muscle mass, fat loss, bone density and water percentage after a month will provide you excellent feedback for the long term.  But, imagine if you were able to capture some of that critical date in real time right after a workout.  Welcome to active body composition.



Why would you track active body composition?  Knowing how your body is responding to training is critical in the pursuit of athletic dominance.  Active body composition testing is not as thorough as a static body composition scale, but does provide you with instant feedback about your body after each training session.  Monitoring your body during and after training can help athletes identify specific training routines that return the best performance improvements.



Who is active body composition testing recommended for?  Although active composition is helpful to all athletes, it is most helpful to athletes that may not have consistent results during competition.   Changes is training routines can alter competitive performance results, so understanding better which type of training effects your body the most is critical.


How often should you use active body composition?  Active body composition is a useful tool for athletes anytime, but is most useful when your training is producing inconsistent results or when your performance results have begun to flatten out and your not getting better.



Which body parts does active body composition test?  Active composition measures body fat, muscle composition and water levels.



What are the results of an active composition test? Active composition provides you with instant feedback about your body after training, practice or competition.



 By tracking active body composition during practice, training and competitions, athletes are better able to understand the changes happening inside their bodies instantly.



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